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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see an answer to a question you have, please contact Bono & Associates. 

Q. Can I pay the COA (Condominium Owners Association) fee on the website? 
A. Payments are processed by our management company, Bono & Associates. 
  1. Payments can be made through the owner portal linked in the navigation above. Portal User name and passwords for new owners are obtained from Bono & Associates.
  2. Payments can also be setup through Truist Bank at Truist Association Services | Payment Services
Q. What is included in my Homeowner Association Fee?
A.  The items included are Garbage Collection, Cable and Wifi, Pest Control, Care of the grounds, and External maintenance.

Q.  Where is my outside water faucet located?
A.  Ground floor units’ water faucet is located on the front of the condo 4 plex.  Upstairs units water faucet is located on the appropriate side of the condo 4 plex.    

Q.  Why is food not permitted at the pool?
A.  Food crumbs attract ants (fire ants), bird life and rodents.  To help maintain your health and safety food is not permitted for these reasons.  

Q.  Why is the pool open only specific hours?
A.  Our pool is centrally located among the condominiums for the use of all residents accordingly.  There are several condos adjacent to the pool with families who enjoy their quiet early mornings and evenings.  Also, for the safety and wellbeing of all residents, pool use during daylight hours, which are the hours posted by the pool, is safest.  

Q.  Do I need to wear my blue band bracelet each time I go to the pool?
A.  Yes, for the safety and wellbeing of all residents, the blue band helps identify that you are a resident or resident guest of the condominiums.

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